Our campus at Shrewsbury House is relatively small and its evolution over the past 50 years has been in incremental steps. We have not had the benefit of an overall plan. We need to use the campus smartly and improve the social and academic journey our boys take with us as we guide them into their teenage years.

By creating new access roads at Shrewsbury House and at Almshouse Lane, and removing some of our existing buildings that are too close to our boundaries, we will address a number of problems that frustrate both parents and neighbours.

Currently we have no boarding option for the older boys, yet half of them leave us and go on to boarding school. Many parents would like us to help them prepare their sons for the next stage in their academic life by offering boarding for 11 to 13 year olds. Thirty years ago, Shrewsbury House offered weekly boarding. Part of our development plan will include reviving that option with high quality facilities.

So we’re focusing on building better fluency: fluency of movement around the school and fluency of learning in a productive and stimulating environment.