Our financial planning has taken account of the need to repair and maintain our existing assets, but it cannot provide extensive resources to create new ones. Responsible financial management over 150 years has underwritten the success and reputation that Shrewsbury House has achieved. Now we need to take one big further step and raise the necessary funds to develop fully our school and its sports ground.

We are finalising our fund raising structure. There will be a flexible approach to giving so that those who want to help us can do so within their own reasonable timescale. We are keen to discuss the building plans and the options with potential donors and ensure that we can acknowledge for posterity the significant contribution that some of our friends have been willing to make.

You will soon be able to donate online through this ‘building better’ website which will provide detailed information to guide donors through the process.

Events and meetings are being planned so that we can explain our project, enthuse as wide a community of friends as possible and raise additional funds.