We’re celebrating our 150th birthday at Shrewsbury House School. That’s quite an achievement but we never rest on our laurels. Our excellent reputation drives us on to do better. Better for our students; better for our parents; better for our staff; and better for our neighbours and the local community. Those are big challenges. We relish big challenges. They stimulate big ideas and big ambitions.

That’s what our “building better” development initiative is all about…

Mindful of the need to compete, to innovate and to lead, the Governors and Headmaster have agreed a new strategic plan for modernising and developing Shrewsbury House and our sports facilities at Almshouse Lane.

We make no apologies for the extent of our ambition because this is a plan to take us through the next quarter of a century and beyond. We will provide new state-of-the-art classrooms, a fully refurbished swimming pool, significantly better pitches at Almshouse Lane and much improved access to our campus.  We will offer a boarding option for older boys, upgrade our library, create more welcoming visitor areas and modernise our catering facilities. This reorganisation will enable us to operate more efficiently and in better harmony with our neighbours.

Ambitions like ours require major investment, and of course need planning permission and relevant approvals. We run a tight ship financially and could not undertake all of these proposed developments within our current means. We can undertake the initial stages of our plan using our reserves, coupled with a modest and manageable increase in debt. For our longer term ambitions, we are launching a fund raising campaign and are appealing to current and past students and parents – along with other supporters – to take a benevolent view of our big ideas and give us the support we require to fulfil them.