We must ensure that our ambitions provide benefits to everybody whose lives we touch.

When our project has been completed, we will have world class facilities, high quality resources and modern, professionally appointed buildings which will be well maintained – all in keeping with our commitment to educational excellence which is always our goal. For this, we need to attract the best staff. This is their work environment. It needs to be attractive, comfortable, efficient and stimulating. We want to provide them with the best facilities possible as we aim to secure their loyalty and their long term commitment.

We pride ourselves on being a happy community. Our ambitious development plans must ensure that we maintain a community that is equally happy and fulfilled. We want to widen it and open it to new friends. Enhanced facilities will enable us to put in place new partnerships to further our academic, cultural and sporting endeavours. We will share our facilities with our community so that we can all benefit from them. We will invite our neighbours to use our facilities and we will involve them in more of our activities and seek their advice and input to our plans.

We also aim to fund additional bursaries to make our school more accessible to a broader range of talented boys.